Chill Out with this Tasty Lemonade Recipe

Chill Out with this Tasty Lemonade Recipe

The weather in Miami has been unbearably hot. A cold, refreshing glass of homemade lemonade is just the thing you need to cool off. It’s also just the thing you need when you buy a ton of lemons at Costco that have to be used before they go bad! I did a little bit of research and decided to try Gina’s Homemade Lemonade to see if it was really as easy as it sounded. Turns out, it was.

Making a simple syrup is the best way to add sweetness to a drink without having all that granulated sugar sink to the bottom. Simply bring equal parts water and sugar to a boil and voilà – you have simple syrup. So don’t be intimidated by it!

Lemonade Recipe


2 cups sugar
2 cups water
1 gallon cold water
2 cups fresh lemon juice, about six large lemons
Vodka (optional)


In a small saucepan, add the water and sugar. Bring it to a boil and give it a few stirs. Meanwhile, slice the lemons in half and juice them. I used this and it made the process so much easier. Once the sugar has dissolved, remove the pot from the heat.

Add the simple syrup, lemon juice, water, and ice to a pretty 2-gallon beverage dispenser. I like to have some pulp in my juice so I added that in as well. If you’re making the grown-up version, add as much vodka as you’d like. Woohoo – it’s a party!

Stir, chill, and enjoy!


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