The Ultimate Investment

The Ultimate Investment

I know this post may seem like it’s a bit early to the party but I want to encourage you to try and explore someplace different. This year, I set a goal for myself to travel to someplace new once a month. If anyone knows how hard it is to keep a New Year’s Resolution, it’s me. I’ve resolved to read more, always have my mani/pedi in tiptop shape, and keep my room pristine. I would start off with such enthusiasm that I would totally burn out and exhaust the goal by month two… 2015 has been different though, I still made the typical resolution – it was to travel – but I kept it!  The goal was aggressive with getting on a plane and flying somewhere once a month but I was sooo determined to do it. I was lucky that I had an equally determined accomplice to make it all happen and I can wholeheartedly say that I could not have done this without him. Family and friends thought Alex and I were out of our minds when they learned about “a flight a month”, but they went with it. It quickly became a joke that we didn’t even live in Miami anymore! We won’t have gotten on a plane twelve times by the end of this year but we’re cutting it pretty close

When you’re traveling, you’re basically forced to accept spontaneity and the unexpected. Like that time in Naples when me and my family got with the wrong tour guide! No matter how much you plan and plan, you have to accept the fact that those plans may change. You learn to appreciate the things you have when your eyes are opened to other lifestyles and you start becoming a great storyteller by sharing your experiences. When I returned from a trip to France a few years ago it was so refreshing to see how friends and family sit down and spend time together while enjoying their meal. That’s something I brought home with me. I always try my best to sit down and have dinner with those I love. Unhurried and uninterrupted by cellphones.

When I’m traveling, I try and do things the locals would do. I scour the internet for the yummiest restaurants and I haven’t been let down yet! Many times, hidden gems are discovered by hungrily stumbling across the first restaurant in sight. You quickly learn to only carry your essentials with you – something very applicable to everyday life because extra baggage is never fun. There is so much natural beauty in the world that I could only imagine existing in movies and photographs. It’s so surreal to see that beauty with my own eyes and feel so tiny. I think we are due for a reminder that there are things greater than ourselves every once in a while.

I can definitely say that this year’s destinations have contributed to developing the planner in me from downsizing the size of my carry on to crafting the best itineraries for us. Resolutions are usually meant for self-improvement purposes and travel is definitely an investment you make in yourself. The best part is… the year’s not over! Go someplace and see what travel will do for you!

I’m excited to be working on a travel series where I’ll be sharing my experience at each place I’ve visited this year! I’ll keep you posted!


What’s something you’ve promised yourself that you’re working on?


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