5 Romantic Things To Do Together

5 Romantic Things To Do Together

February is such a special month for Alex and I. Not only is it the month of Valentine’s Day but it’s also the month we got married. I can’t believe we’ve nearly been married for a year already and yes, the first year of marriage is as blissful as they say. With it being Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I wanted to share 5 romantic things to do together to make your partner smile and your relationship happy. Oh, and don’t forget to wear red!

5 Romantic Things To Do Together

Listen to live music

There’s nothing like live music and a great atmosphere. Whether it’s a rock band in a huge amphitheater or a local jazz artist at a quaint cafe, Alex and I really appreciate the talented artists that we are able to see live. We’re so lucky to have plenty of options near our home – even on Valentine’s Day!

Have a picnic

This is something that Alex and I do quite often. It’s easy to pack up our picnic basket, pick up a great bottle of wine, and assemble a charcuterie for a great time outdoors. February is the perfect time of year for a picnic in Miami since it’s not too hot yet. We’re so lucky to have beautiful weather year round so we like to take advantage!

Out on the town

We definitely have had our fair share of trying some amazing restaurants – from Michelin rated spots abroad to local iconic steakhouses. Spark the romance by getting dressed up and sharing an amazing meal together sans the cleanup that comes with making a meal at home.

Learn to cook together

Alex and I have taken several cooking classes and we have a blast every time. We’re definitely not professional chefs, so it’s great to pick up a few new culinary techniques. It gives us the chance to develop good cooking habits and expand our knowledge in the kitchen, as well as add a new recipe to our repertoire! Some of our favorite meals to prepare have come from a cooking class experience.  I like to say, the couples that cook together stay together. Making something as simple as scrambled eggs or perfecting Alex’s guacamole recipe brings us closer since it’s something we do together. When it’s time to enjoy the meal you both have created, it brings a different level of satisfaction – knowing that you and your partner were able to create and work together as a team.

Enjoy sweets with your sweetheart

I’m sure you’ve read all about how we’re getting healthy this year, but it’s still super important to practice balance and moderation – every day, we both indulge in some chocolate. Treat yourself with your favorite dessert or buy some fancy chocolates you and your loved one can enjoy together. Most recently, Alex brought be some really delicious dark chocolate bars from his business trip to Atlanta. I absolutely LOVE dark chocolate, and turns out, it’s good for you too!

What are some romantic things you do with your sweetheart?




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  1. JTP
    February 13, 2017 / 9:12 PM

    These ideas are very romantic. Writing love notes or a love letter is also very romantic.